Daylesford and District Community News Inc will include advertising in its publication, The Wombat Post. Advertising will support the principles of local engagement, and support, ie will be affordable, accessible, non-judgemental and in the interests of informing the local community.

Advertising will be accepted from organisations that are located and/or operate in post codes 3460 and 3461. It is recognised that this is an arbitrary boundary and that there may be reasons to include organisations beyond the boundary. In the interests of being non-competitive with other community newspapers, it is proposed to exclude the areas that are already covered by the Glenlyon District News, which depends on local advertising. Any applications for advertising which are beyond the Wombat Post area should be considered on their merits by the Committee.

Advertising will be accepted from organisations and individuals as long as the advertised material is not in breach of any federal, state or local legislation. The content of advertisements is accepted in good faith with no intention by the Daylesford and District Community News Inc. to  misinform or mislead. The accuracy of the content is the responsibility of the source of the advertisement. The Daylesford and District Community News committee of management reserves the right to refuse advertisements for whatever reason is deemed necessary – particularly if there is any risk of defamation.

Community not for profit organisations and community events can advertise for free. Public notices by individuals eg death notices or birthdays will be charged at the relevant rate.

Advertising will not be accepted for political campaigns such as local government elections or state and federal elections. However the state and federal members or local councillors may take out paid advertisements which state their name and contact details.


All advertising must be paid prior to publication deadlines except those with established credit accounts.

All clients with an established account must pay within the time specified on the Tax Invoice/Statement.


Contracts of 12 months or longer are fixed for the first 12 months or current financial year or part thereof. Pricing may change as from the 1st July of each year. Increase will be capped at Consumer Price Index (CPI). Any increase greater than CPI will be pre-forecast via email, note to accounts rendered, website, advertising in publications or other means deemed appropriate.

Advertising on non-contracts and contracts less than 12 months are subject to price change without notice and are subject to current rate card.

Contracts are subject to variation as to the rate payable and space available.

The publisher may, at any time, and without notice, cancel an advertising contract in respect of any advertisement not inserted by the publisher in which case the advertiser shall pay for all past insertions at the rate or prices applicable.

The publisher reserves the right to cancel any contract on which advertising is not inserted within one month of the date of the contract.


The publisher reserves the right in its absolute discretion:

(a) to alter any advertisement;

(b) to withhold any advertisement;

(c) to postpone or advance the day of insertion;

(d) to insert the advertisement in any position even though the position has been specially arranged or the position may be on the same page or next to that of a competitor’s advertisement.

The publisher has the right to refuse to publish or republish any advertisement without giving any reason for that refusal. In this event a prorata adjustment will be made to the advertising rate.

No liability shall be incurred by the publisher by any reason of any or all of the following:

(a) amendment to or error or inaccuracy in any advertisement;

(b) the partial or total omission of any advertisement;

(c) by reason of any delay or default;

(d) from any other cause whatsoever.

The publisher reserves the right to alter advertising copy with or without reference to advertisers, to ensure that the newspapers are not exposed to legal action defending publication of material prepared by other parties.

Advertisements which are considered to resemble editorial style will be subject to amendment or alteration without prior notice and must be clearly identified by using the word ‘advertisement’ above the copy headline.

Advertising features may be published in conjunction with advertisers from time to time. All such features must carry the words “ADVERTISING FEATURE” in 10 point type at the top of the page.


Cancellation of a contact will be accepted in writing prior to the relevant publication booking deadline for run of paper advertisements and seven days prior for specified pages or positions. Any cancellations received after this time will attract a cancellation fee of 70% of the total advertisement value.

Any cancellation of a scheduled booking midway through will incur a cancellation fee. This will be calculated on the amount of advertising placed prior to the cancellation and applying the correct commitment level rate to that volume.


Production and placement claims must be made within seven days of publication. Account claims must be made within seven days of receipt of account.


Our publications are distributed via bulk drops, e-mail and digital publication on our website; we cannot guarantee all advertising will be distributed on the same day of publication together with and not excluding failed distribution. We do not guarantee that every household within the agreed distribution area will receive the publication, if at all.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by or contributed to by any delay, loss, omission, or misplacement of media mail during the delivery process. We do not give credit or refund for areas that may not receive delivery of either the publication or media mail or combination of both.


The Competition & Consumer Act prohibits false or misleading advertisements. Advertisers should refer to the Commission for Guidelines. Legal advice should be sought in case of doubt.


Advertisers are advised to submit to their legal advisers, advertisements relating to competitions which may infringe legislation such as the Lotteries Act and prospectuses relating to the issue of shares, debentures, etc. which must comply with the Corporations Law.

Copy for advertisements which are subject to the Corporations Law must be accompanied by a certificate signed by two directors of the company advertising confirming that the advertisement complies with the Corporations Law.


Due to the Copyright Act 1968 advertisers are advised that the inclusion in advertisements of material (photographed, artist’s illustrations and text) taken from any article published in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or similar publication is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the owner of the copyright.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that any material used in an advertisement is authorised for publication by the owner of the copyright to prevent the possibility of legal action being taken against the advertiser for any breach of the Copyright Act.

The acceptance of and publication of the advertisement or letter by the newspaper or publisher concerned is deemed to be consideration for the agreement to indemnify.


Advertisers and/or advertising agencies, by submitting or authorising material for publication by the publisher and in consideration of the publisher agreeing to publish the material:

(a) Indemnify the publisher, its servants and agents against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the publication of the material includinG, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all actions, proceedings, claims and demands relating to defamation, malicious falsehood, breach or infringement of copyright, trade mark or design, breach of the Competition & Consumer Act, or breach of any other legal, equitable or statutory rights.

(b) Warrant that publication of the material will not give rise to any legal, equitable or statutory rights against the publisher and will not breach any laws or regulations including, without being limited, the proscriptions relating to advertising in the Competition & Consumer Act.


GST will be added to the net value of the invoice. The GST component does not count towards overall monetary order expenditure or rate card discount levels.