The Wombat Post is a community news publication for the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs region.

The purpose of the Wombat Post is to

  • inform the community of news and events that contribute to community building community and community well-being,
  • promote a positive image of the local community,
  • contribute to the historical record, and
  • provide a medium for advertising services and trades offered to the community.

The Daylesford District Community News Association Inc. (DDNA) is responsible for The Wombat Post.

The Board of the DDCNA oversees the operation and direction for The Wombat Post. Members of the Board are

President:                    Hal Swerissen
Treasurer:                    Mark Rak
Secretary:                    Dudley McArdle
Members:                    Tim Bach, Robyn Rogers, Celia Waldron, Raquel Stevens

Tim Bach is editor of the Wombat Post. An editorial committee oversees weekly updates.

Unless authorship is otherwise attributed, the Editorial Team takes collective responsibility for all items published in the Wombat Post.


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