Healthy Ageing Hubs Expand Across Hepburn Shire

A pioneering healthy ageing project in the Hepburn Shire has been expanded to Daylesford after a successful pilot program in Clunes. The project is part of the Australian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, with funding for early intervention initiatives that support older people to live at home longer and promote healthy ageing.

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Locals Continue to Support Daylesford Health with Generous Donations

The Daylesford community are again showing how much they value their local health service through their generous gifts that help provide quality care to patients, residents and clients. Daylesford Health has recently received a $186,000 gift from a past patient who left the funds to the hospital in their will.

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Wombat Teeth and Your Health

Wombat teeth are rootless and grow continuously throughout their lives continually replacing the wear and tear of their fibrous diet. On the other hand, we have permanent teeth that are with us from late childhood and need to last us for our entire life. We need to take better care of them.

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Medicare is 40 but Needs Support

Medicare is 40 and strongly supported by the community, but it is showing signs of wear and tear. There are increasing concerns about the equity, quality and cost. People in rural areas continue to have worse health outcomes and greater difficulty accessing services than in metropolitan areas.

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Rural People More Likely to Die

The further an Australian lives from an urban centre, the lower their life expectancy. They are also twice as likely to die from preventable illness. These statistics, along with demographic information, health risk factors, health outcomes, burden of disease, mortality and morbidity and health service funding and access, are some of the data provided in the National Rural Health Alliance Rural Health in Australia Snapshot 2023.

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Council Sends Condolences, Drop-in Counselling Service Extended

The Drop-in counselling service offered by Central Highlands Rural Health will remain open over the weekend to continue providing free mental health support for anyone impacted by the recent accident.  Counsellors will be available at 79a Raglan Street to help anyone directly or indirectly affected by the events including members of the Daylesford community and visitors to the town.

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Expanded Services for Local Pharmacies Available at Blooms the Chemist

Bloom’s the Chemist in Daylesford is participating in a 12-month trial aimed at making basic health care more accessible and affordable and reducing the load on General Practitioners. Available services include advice or treatment for women with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) or a resupply of their existing contraceptive pill without needing a prescription and a broader public health vaccination offering, travel health consultations and treatment for mild skin conditions.

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Blooms and Rotary Contribute Community Defibrilators

Two new defibrillators have been installed in a community partnership by Blooms the Chemist and Daylesford Rotary. Blooms have placed one outside their entry on Vincent Street and Rotary’s Defibrillator has been placed outside the Daylesford Library. Each defibrillator is available 24/7.

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