Selling Memories

Selling a house is a far simpler task than selling a home as the entwined emotions are far easier to disengage. Indre Kisonas shares some basic tips to getting your home in order for selling.

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Wombat Teeth and Your Health

Wombat teeth are rootless and grow continuously throughout their lives continually replacing the wear and tear of their fibrous diet. On the other hand, we have permanent teeth that are with us from late childhood and need to last us for our entire life. We need to take better care of them.

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Mayor’s Message – Cr Brian Hood

The recognition of Daylesford as the fourth most welcoming community in the world will make the township and other parts of the Shire a destination of choice and is welcome news. Even so, the long term financial sustainability of the Shire will be a challenge for Council to address in the year ahead.

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Burrow Banter with Jo Pegg

                                                                   Raquel Stevens Traditionally...

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Tanya Loos It has been a very unusual summer indeed, but one of the best things about it has been...

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A Gap Year?

University offers came out this week. For some, further study awaits; others may be thinking of embarking on an adventure. Celia Waldron offers her best wishes to the graduating class of 2024 and remembers her own daughter’s graduation and adventures.

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Summer Wildflowers

Early summer is a time for some of our very brightest and most colourful wild flowers. Tanya Loos provides a summer Nature Diary to introduce some of her favourites. Find some time over the festive season to enjoy our local forest wonders!

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