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The Yo Yo Economy Hurts Daylesford

COVID has hit the Daylesford economy hard over the past two weeks. The repeating cycles of lockdown and rebound create an uncertain, “yo-yo” economy creating a stressful life for business owners and workers alike.

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Regenerative Agriculture Farm Walk

The Council’s Artisan Agriculture project recently hosted a farm walk for producers, growers and farmers to demonstrate regenerative farming and how these practices can be applied on a farm.

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Wild Weather, Trees Down, Power Out

Emergency services had a hectic day on Wednesday night and Thursday. Trees were down across fences, gardens and roads all around Daylesford and Hepburn Springs as the storm went through.

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Rex Shafted?

The underlying cause of the dispute between Council and the builder over the Rex have not been disclosed. We speculate about possible reasons.

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Anatomy of a Power Failure

On May 25 a power failure affected a wide area from Ballarat to Glenlyon as a result of an accident on the Western Highway in Warrenheip. Power was quickly restored in Daylesford but outlying areas waited well into the evening for the lights to come back on. We asked Powercor for more information.

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