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Land Tax Changes Will Further Decrease Rental Affordability

Land Tax assessments for the current year include a COVID Debt Levy imposed on landowners to repay the State’s $31.5 billion pandemic debt. However, increases in land tax are likely to be passes on to tenants placing further pressure on rental affordability.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day

Professor Paula Gerber will be the special guest speaker at the International Women’s Day celebration at the Town Hall on Thursday, March 7. The event will also include the induction of some of the Shire’s leading women to the Heather Mutimer Honour Roll.

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Wombat Teeth and Your Health

Wombat teeth are rootless and grow continuously throughout their lives continually replacing the wear and tear of their fibrous diet. On the other hand, we have permanent teeth that are with us from late childhood and need to last us for our entire life. We need to take better care of them.

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Council Approves Plan for St Andrew’s Church Site

Council has granted a planning permit for the development of the St Andrew’s Presbyterian church site at 19A Camp Street as group accommodation. The proposal includes renovation of the existing church (two units) and construction of two new buildings to its rear (10 units).

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Mayor’s Message – Cr Brian Hood

The recognition of Daylesford as the fourth most welcoming community in the world will make the township and other parts of the Shire a destination of choice and is welcome news. Even so, the long term financial sustainability of the Shire will be a challenge for Council to address in the year ahead.

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