Thoughts on the Voice Referendum

Dear Editor, I have been thinking of the failure of the Voice Referendum. Coincidently I was reading a New York Times article by Thomas B. Edsall titled “The Liberal Agenda of the 1960s has Reached a Fork in the Road”. It posed...

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The Voice Will Make a Difference

Dear Editor, The Salvation Army is one of the biggest providers of social services in Australia. We are a pragmatic movement, not really into empty gestures or performative virtue signalling. I don’t think in our 140-year...

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Support our Unique Mineral Springs

Dear Editor, I would like to encourage people interested in the mineral springs of the Central Highlands to take the opportunity to have some input into a major review of the Mineral Springs Masterplan being presented by DEECA....

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Elevated Pain on Elevated Plains 

Dear Editor, That the State’s top planning appeal is a maze of complexity seems well beyond doubt. Just one local case shows what may confront those who aim to try to find some protection, whether it be from fire or apparently...

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What we already know!

Letter to the Editor Last week the Wombat Post published an article on the release of the Local Inspectorate Report which we also are anxious to see. However, our own research shows substantial areas of Council practice needs an...

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