Funding Alone Isn’t Enough

I read with interest the letters published last week outlining the increase in car thefts and break-ins that have taken place in Daylesford and the response from local MP Mary-Anne Thomas. I have to say that I find Ms....

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We Need 24/7 Policing in Daylesford

An Open Letter to Mary-Anne Thomas: As a citizen of Daylesford I would like to bring to your attention the need for a 24-hour police presence in Daylesford. In the last 3 months or so the residents of Stanley Street, Stanbridge...

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Thoughts on the Voice Referendum

Dear Editor, I have been thinking of the failure of the Voice Referendum. Coincidently I was reading a New York Times article by Thomas B. Edsall titled “The Liberal Agenda of the 1960s has Reached a Fork in the Road”. It posed...

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The Voice Will Make a Difference

Dear Editor, The Salvation Army is one of the biggest providers of social services in Australia. We are a pragmatic movement, not really into empty gestures or performative virtue signalling. I don’t think in our 140-year...

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Support our Unique Mineral Springs

Dear Editor, I would like to encourage people interested in the mineral springs of the Central Highlands to take the opportunity to have some input into a major review of the Mineral Springs Masterplan being presented by DEECA....

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