Gordon Nightingale

He begins
In a deep melodious voice.
His face shows a hint of a smile.
A poem…
No, a song…
In his native language.
I listened intently all the while.
A song radiating from the soul.
It touched my very heart.
How to convey its beauty in words?
Where do I even start?
The occasion is the book launch
Of his new book, ‘The Tiger Poet’.
Amit Dahiyabadshah, Poet Laureate,
Poet extraordinaire! If you didn’t already know it.
As the Tiger Poet begins to speak
Sincerity shows in his expressions,
A determined look, his eyes half closed
His hands movements enhance the impressions.
His mastery of poetic language
Comes through with every spoken line.
To put it simply, I would say,
He is the poet of our times.
He finishes to well-deserved applause
From an audience from many lands.
He acknowledges
With humility and grace,
A prayer held between his hands.


Gordon Nightingale is an author and poet. Although no longer a Daylesford local, he continues to make occasional contributions to the Wombat Post.