Pat Kermode

It’s easy to find words to rhyme with spot.
I have already got ….
A lot!

How about a news shot
Of our Prime Minister, Scott.
I’m sure he’s talked about his new spot
Mixing with his cronies on a yacht,
Or in his high-vis vest in a parking lot.

But you’d never see him wearing a polka dot.
That’s the reserve of the female Labor Party lot.

Oh, and I forgot –
You don’t often see him swat ……
A mosquito!



Pat Kermode is a local writer and a member of the U3A Writers’ Group. Each fortnight several ‘prompt’ words are chosen to provide inspiration for stories or poetry. The words last fortnight were MOSQUITO or MOZZIE, SPOT, MASK and DISGUISE. Pat managed to include mosquito and spot in her poem. The ultimate challenge is to include all words in the one piece.

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