There are resident concerns about a proposed development on Cornish Hill that has been submitted to Council.

The application is for five ‘skybarrels’ – 12 metre tall, two story units that will overlook Lake Daylesford.

The skybarrels are metal cylinders elevated on galvanised steel beams supported by red brick retaining walls. Each unit will have an external water tank, one bedroom, a sitting area and a bathroom.

The application is listed at 70 Camp St Daylesford. However, Camp St as it is currently shown on maps ends at Stanbridge St. The development actually runs off Houston St approximately 300 meters from the end of Camp St. Some residents in Duke St and King St have received notices of the application from Council.

As previously reported in the Courier, Skybarrel villas were previously considered by the Ballarat Council for a project at the foothills of Mount Buninyong aimed at top end of the tourism market at up to $1000 per night. The Ballarat proposal was submitted by David Penman who owns Clifftops at Hepburn Springs.

Ballarat Councillors unanimously rejected a similar skybarrels proposal in February this year following strong community opposition and a range of environmental, safety and planning concerns. There was particularly strong concerns about the visual impact of the development on the local community.

Mr Penman took the project to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and lost his appeal against the City of Ballarat in August.

A similar proposal has now resurfaced for Cornish Hill. There is already strong opposition from local residents, particularly because of its potential visual impact on the area (see letters to the editor). The Daylesford proposal was submitted by Camp Street Daylesford Pty Ltd. David Penman is a director and one third owner.

The ‘Skybarrel’ proposal is currently being advertised on the Council website and objections must be lodged by the 24th of December.

Editor’s note: The Wombat Post withdrew the Skybarrels article last week when David Penman complained about being named as the applicant for the Hepburn Shire Skybarrels proposal. A title and company search indicate that Mr Penman is a Director and one third owner of Camp Street Daylesford Pty Ltd which owns the land and which lodged the proposal with the Hepburn Shire. Mr Penman was given an opportunity to comment on the accuracy of this article.