The Community Bank Daylesford District has  contributed $17,670 toward new kitchen appliances in the Daylesford Community Childcare Centre. The new appliances were installed in December 2023.

The Daylesford Community Childcare Centre plays a vital role within the Daylesford Hepburn community.

Around 170 children attend the Centre each week. All of the children’s meals and snacks are prepared in the childcare Centre kitchen.  The Centre also makes frozen takeaway meals available for a small charge for busy families. Families in need are often supplied with meals free of charge.

Community Bank Chair, Mark Rak, said, “We’re delighted to be able to support our local childcare Centre. When we visited in January, we could see what a difference our contribution had made to upgrade the kitchen facilities.”

Shelley Williams, Childcare Educator said, “Anyone would think it’s Christmas! With the last pieces of the project coming together near Christmas we feel like the Daylesford District Community Bank has provided Christmas for the Centre.”

Tara Surridge, the Centre’s cook said, “The much-needed update to the kitchen appliances has provided a host of positive outcomes for the Centre. The small impractical stove we had was too high making it difficult to lift hot food on and off the stove. With bigger and better appliances, there is more efficient use of space which allows us to buy in bulk, with cost and time savings. Fruit can now be stored in the larger refrigerator, reducing spoilage,” said Ms Williams.

In 2023 Daylesford District Community Bank made community contributions of over $200,000, bringing total community contributions since operations started in 2012 to over $800,000.

Celebrating the new Childcare Centre kitchen. (L toR) Mark Rak (Chair, Community Bank (CB) Daylesford District), Margaret Hodge (Chair, CB Community Investments Committee), Kate Boyle (CB Customer Service Officer, Tara Surridge ( Childcare Centre Cook), Karen Sandow (Project Manager), Joan Janssen (CB Community Investments Committee Member), Michelle Callahan (Early Years Manager). (Photo supplied.)


This article is based on a media release from Daylesford District Community Developments Limited.