There were many unsung heroes of the recent storm that raged across our Shire. The community has been profuse in its thanks to the SES and CFA volunteers and local arborists and electricians who cleared roads and powerlines and secured damaged properties.

We need also to acknowledge the efforts of staff at Daylesford Hospital who rallied to provide care to hospital patients on the morning after the storm.

With the regular shift unable to reach the hospital because all roads in were blocked by fallen trees, debris and continued danger, the night staff stayed on until a team of dedicated local nurses could be rallied to cover the morning shift. O

ne nurse who lives locally is Valerie Armenante. She dropped everything to head a makeshift team alongside Samantha Lynch and two students, one of whom was roused from their bed by the Director of Nursing, Debra-Lee Holman who dropped her normal administrative duties to join the team on the floor.

The day was certainly a great unplanned day of practical nursing experience, particularly for the students who rose to the occasion. The nursing staff did not know whether there would be severe injuries to residents of damaged houses or SES and CFA volunteers working to clear blocked roads.

But faced with a stressful emergency situation, the nursing staff responded calmly and efficiently with outward calm. The Daylesford community is grateful to all who served so well to provide care, reassurance and calm.

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