Melbourne will remain locked down but restrictions are easing in regional Victoria.

The COVID restrictions have been extended for a further week to prevent a widespread outbreak.  There were 6 new cases in Victoria on Wednesday bringing the total active cases to 67.

Here are the new rules that apply in regional Victoria from Thursday 3 June 11.59, including Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, until Thursday 10 June 11.59 pm.

You can leave the house for any reason without travel restrictions.

You have to wear a mask indoors unless you have an exemption, but not outdoors unless you can’t maintain the 1.5 m distancing rule.

You can’t have visitors at home apart from an intimate partner. If you live alone you can make a bubble with another person who can visit you.

You can have up to 10 people in a public gathering outdoors. Outdoor seated entertainment will have a cap of 50 people or 50 percent of the venues seating capacity, whichever is lower.

School returns to face to face for all students.

You can only travel to Melbourne for permitted reasons like a medical appointment and you have to follow the Melbourne restrictions while you are there.

You can go out to a restaurant or hotel with seated service with a maximum cap of 50 people and group maximum of 10. The 4 square metres per person rule applies.

Retail shopping and personal services can open with the 4 square metres person rule. Masks must be worn inside.

All venues must use the Victorian QR code app to have people sign in.

Junior outdoor community sport will return and adults can resume training outdoors.

Outdoor pools, including swimming classes, can operate with a limit of 50 people and the 4 square metre rule.

Libraries can open with a cap of 50 people and the 4 square metre rule applies.

Weddings can go ahead with the two people being married, the celebrant and two witnesses with a total of up to 10 people. Funerals can go ahead with a cap of 50 people not counting children under 12 months.

Religious gatherings can go ahead for 50 people plus one faith leader indoors or outdoors.

No visitors are allowed in aged care facilities unless there are exemptions. No visitors are allowed in hospitals, except where people are at the end of life, if you’re the partner of a woman giving birth, or a parent accompanying a child.

You can get vaccinated. 40-49 year-olds are now legible for state vaccination hubs. Call 1800 675 398 for an appointment.

If you can work from home you must work from home, but workplaces can have up to 50% of staff in the office, or 20 people whichever is the greater.