Petrus Spronk

Hello. As per usual, this month’s contribution is made up of a bunch of words – the same words as I used for most columns, only arranged in a different way. But still trying to interest you in our Words in Winter event.

This is what every column is made of. Words. Words to tell a story, real or made up. Words to paint a picture, black and white or colour. Words to convey a message, good, bad or indifferent.

Does it matter? Does it delight?

Words which are inherently nothing, become something when we write them down. Become even more when we line them up. Some people who have chosen words for their medium pluck them from the air. Just like that. Then write them down and are able to create meaning. Others will walk out of their front door and find words everywhere outside, while others again rummage around in their head, in the space set aside for ‘memory’, and find words there. All, however, use the concept of ‘creativity’ to stick their words of stories and poems together, to create the magic.

I step out and walk into the paddock next door. There, all over the grass and between the wildflowers, I find words. All I need to do is collect a handful of them and take them back inside. Once inside, I place them onto the table and, using the found words, plus a few commas and full stops, create my piece.

Does it matter? Does it delight?

Here is what I found early this morning while gathering words just outside of my drive-way, and a bit up the road:

“It is still dark and, at first, very still. Wrapped up I walk out into the road and choose a route across the fields to the top of the Hill. Little night noises, close and further away. A symphony of darkness creating light. Intricate and delightful little melodies created by the insects, birds and little furry animal of the forest and fields. Then, behind this, the larger music of the mighty trees moving majestically in the night breeze, creating a soft, yet strong and emotional depth to the musical design. And then, there is yet another musical force, this one divine, designed by the celestial composer to enrapture, to mystify, to create a sense of wonder and, in a strange and curious way ‘Pure Awe’. The music of the stars.

Astronomical Music.

Then a little later in the day I walked out of my drive way once again and found another picture altogether. Here it is.


“Just outside the window, across the desk at which I am writing, a deep rich viridian carpet is growing more beautiful each day and each day nature keeps on weaving more and more grasses into it. But there is more. Over the last week winter grass seeds have been woven into this composition and this, in turn, has attracted the rosellas. Rosellas which like huge winter flowers provide an intense colour to this masterpiece. The fierce red and blue of their plumage, in movement through the grass for seeds, creates a picture of wonder and magic.”

The writer, the poet and the artist gather and compose. The same field or hill enrapturing different people in a different way. Yet all making magic.

And for this year’s WiW (Words in Winter). Many poets, all in one place.

Did you know that for this year’s WiW there will be many writers presenting their magic?
Did you know that these sorts of events have been going on, in one place or another, for a number of years?
Did you know that much magic and specialness is generated during these nights?
Did you know that there you can witness poetry as read and set to music in many different and creative ways?
Did you know that besides a very entertaining night this is also a night of much potential for delight and learning?
Did you know that if you would like to read your own creative verses for the upcoming WiW, you would be made very welcome?
Did you know that the literary community of Daylesford in this way encourages more and more of the creative spirit to manifest in our town?
Did you know that this Creative Energy is a very healthy healing force for any community?
Did you know that this same creative energy is the force the world thrives on for a healthy growth?
Did you know that it is also the force which manifests much of the world’s magic and, consequently, the will to partake in life, to fully live it?
Did you know that everyone is welcome to attend these nights?

Does it matter? Does it delight?

The writers and the audience come together to watch and listen, to perform and to receive, to see many people juggle words, throw them around, make them bounce off the wall and back onto the page, make them do extraordinary tricks, make them project images in bright colour, make them enter your heart and feelings, thus stirring your emotions. All of this will create for the audience inspiration, intensity, some questioning and much delight. The whole of the human experience. The ooohhhs… and aaahhhs… of it.

The writers, poets and the audience, one magic entity.

Does it matter? As long as it delights.

Did you know that I will present an illustrated talk on Saturday the 21st of August in the Chapel of the Convent Gallery at 7pm titled: ‘My life as an artist in 8 short stories’ and that following that there will be a book launch of Jamin Walsh’s book and that it would be best to book a ticket because these events will both be very popular?

Petrus Spronk is a distinguished artist and regular columnist in the Wombat Post