Dear Editor,

Were you as surprised as I was while visiting the Sustainability Day at Victoria Park last weekend, by the already faded rainbow sculpture.

That prize we won from three other ‘lucky’ towns, generously gifted by Tinder, who probably also didn’t know what to do with it and decided to make it a prize and a gift which we, lucky town that we are, received.

For those readers who follow my writings, you may remember my column about that rainbow and my attitude to those BIG things which occasionally interfere with our enjoyment of the landscape.

In addition you may have read how chuffed we were to have received that prize. And look at it now, fading away in Victoria Park – probably there because the council didn’t know what else to do with it, where else to place it.

I hope that the enlightened members of the council who voted for it will take themselves to Victoria Park and see the result of their decision.

And it gets worse! Soon there will be only a colourless object, standing forlorn in the landscape, as most of these big things do, with the citizen wondering what it is, and what it is doing there.

Petrus Spronk