I write in support of a campaign to refurbish and update the Daylesford Hospital and to lend my support to Lesley Hewitt and Kate Redwood. It is a great idea to update the infrastructure and services available needs at Daylesford Hospital. It would be disappointing if they closed the hospital because it didn’t meet current standards.

I have been in there myself on different occasions and it was so comforting not to have to go in to Ballarat or elsewhere. The staff and doctors provide a superb service in spite of the fact that the building needs updating and perhaps expanding on some of the services available there. For many in the Shire it provides back up to medical services that are available in Ballarat or Kyneton. We have an ageing population in Daylesford and Hepburn and often it is a matter of rehabilitation until healing occurs from an operation or for smaller emergencies that don’t necessarily warrant going to a larger facility. It is also an interim ‘waiting spot’ until elderly folk requiring aged care can be assessed and a suitable permanent facility found for them.

Just some thoughts…

Vanessa Craven, Daylesford