Jackie McMaster

The next session of the Daylesford Repair Café is on Sunday June 18th, 1-4pm at Victoria Park Pavillion. Once again, the fixers and supporters will come together to mend the wide variety of things that people bring.

This month, as well as the general mending, the welding workshop will be reprised. It was cancelled last month due to the presenter’s ill health. Starting at 1.30, Quentin will introduce us to Welding –gasless MIG welding – an easy and basic type of welding. The workshop will be a sharing of knowledge and skills. People are invited to bring items to weld such as garden trowels and shovels.

Last month Julian fixed a toaster and worked on repairing some sewing machines. Alongside the owner, Jeremy worked on a children’s ride-in car with electrical problems. Finn worked on a wall clock and John sharpened scissors, knives, shears and secateurs. Woody helped with sewing machine repairs. Patrick showed his amazing versatility by working on repairing a sewing machine, fixing a lampshade and a broken zipper, then finished the session by darning a jumper. Alana took up the hems of a pair of trousers and Jackie put knee patches on a pair of moleskin pants, patched some denim overalls and repaired a torn gym bag.

Why do we do it? To show people how to repair, to save items from landfill, to promote sustainability and to share skills so that people can repair their own items. Another reason we come together is to foster community spirit and because we enjoy each other’s company and the company of the community members who gather there, whilst we work.

So come along on Sunday 18th at Victoria Park Pavillion in the warm and bright club rooms. There will be coffee, tea, and goodies to eat. Entry is by donation. I wonder what people will bring this month to be repaired? Hope to see you there. Also, more helpers and menders are welcome to join our friendly crew.