Indre Kisonas

“Colour is a power that directly influences the soul.” (Wassily Kandinsky)

Kandinsky is my colour and art muse, and he speaks true to me. Being passionate about colour, I know it as a form of healing in the home and body.

Colour surrounds us at all times and we could get no greater worldwide colour display than the recent May Aurora Australis and Northern Lights. Extreme geomagnetic storms caused the widespread auroras after the sun unleashed a wave of solar flares and at least 7 coronal mass ejections. As these ejections were facing the earth, the geomagnetic storms were potentially a historic event.

Clinton Wallace, director of the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Space Weather Prediction Centre said in a statement, “the immense geomagnetic storm originated from an enormous sunspot called AR3664, which is morethan15 times wider than the Earth. It unleashed a flurry of solar flares. These ejections smashed into Earth’s magnetic field temporarily weakening our protective shield and enabling charged particles to excite gases in the atmosphere which created the light shows.”

These auroras created excitement and wonder for the populace witnessing the natural phenomena. It saw people looking up into the night sky with neighbours. Some witnessed the lights not only through the lenses of cameras but with the naked eye. Vantage points were choked with people and families not wanting to miss an extraordinary event. Social media shares were plentiful and full of so much wonder and awe that it felt childlike and innocent. The excitement was contagious with happiness shared throughout the world. Such a welcome alternative to the horrific war ravages that have occupied too many headlines recently. It was a welcome relief and one that will leave a positive effect.

Aurora Australis from Wombat Dam Rd, Daylesford on May 11. (Photo: Tan Chin)

This rainbow of colours affected not only people’s behaviours but their emotional state, in a positive way. Violet, blue, golden yellow, aqua, green, pink and all shades of these colours were positively absorbed by the senses. We know light spectrums and wavelengths enter the body and brain in varying degrees, so my argument is that whatever colour of light you witnessed personally or indirectly, will have had an effect on you.

Colour therapy is a real modality and the planet put on an enormous healing event. Whether you admit to being moved by the aurora event or not, trust that the body has absorbed and reacted.

There will be more opportunity to witness these solar colour events and I am hoping they will be equally as spectacular, if not more so. We all need some brightening up of our lives. Take advantage of these events, they are free.

Indre Kisonas is a Daylesford resident and the owner and principal designer of iok design. She specialises in colour & interior design.