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Lal von Steensen “I miss him/her so much” is a sentence I have so often heard as a voluntary...

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Miss McMillan

Pat Kermode Check hats and gloves at the gate The prefects are on patrol We have to keep the...

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Pamela Wynne   Last night I dreamt I played tennis, I played at tennis in a hall, The racket...

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A Patch of Blue

Vanessa Craven You maybe pining? You may be whining? Maybe you’d like to go out wining and dining?...

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A Nutty Story

Dallas Kinnear Acorns – big piles of acorns, little piles of acorns – with people...

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For Gold and Glory

Gordon Nightingale “For gold and for glory!” The football players roared out loud. “For gold and...

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Pat Kermode  Family holidays Panning for gold Staying in farmhouses Walking local creeks Picnics...

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Letter to My Grandson

Mary Tribe My grandson is seven and his paternal grandfather died long ago, his maternal great grandparents died even longer ago. His paternal grandparents are both still energetically alive and living closer than I. It is too...

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