Feb 25 - 28 2022


All Day

Daylesford Arts Collective Pop Up Sales Event

For this weekend only,  the DAC put their work on show for a Pop Up sales event, and hopefully, the first of many to come. Come along and see original works, watercolour, acrylics, oils, textile and wood all for sale at very reasonable prices…….all happening at No.94 Vincent St, just next door to the Information Centre.

Since this is a trial and a little experimental visitor numbers and local support equal to any sale that may be made. The group, all volunteers, are excited and  a little nervous at the prospect of having their work in public but all agree that the energy, colour and life it may briefly bring to our town is worth the trepidation.

I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts, but mostly their courage and hope you can find a moment to drop by and say hello. If you do, ask about the live music thats happening on Sat and Sunday.

Thanks must go to the Shire Council for their support, ideas and encouragement, this could not have happened without their benevolence.