We would like to thank our readers who provided survey responses to help us improve the Wombat Post.

Overall satisfaction with the experience of the Wombat Post stories and website was high. You gave us an average of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Most people thought the website and updates were easy to use.

There was a small minority who were unhappy with our editorial stance, but over 80 per cent were satisfied with the quality, balance and fairness of our stories and articles.

There was strong support for our weekly email updates that provide direct access to this week’s news stories and for the types of stories and articles we publish.

It was clear from the responses and our use statistics that the jobs page on the website is not used, so we have decided to discontinue it.

The survey and our statistics indicate that the events calendar, death notices, photos page and directory are only modestly used. In response, we have decided to promote the photos page with a photo of the week. We have revised the look of the events calendar to make it more attractive and we will continue to support the 20% or so of  dedicated readers who look at death notices every week by maintaining these notices.

There were a number of comments about how to improve the Wombat Post. This included more stories on local history, environment and art, and more emphasis on younger people’s views and stories.

We will address these and other suggestions through the Wombat Post editorial committee.