The lilting tunes of the Daylesford and District Brass Band and warm winter sunshine welcomed visitors to a celebration in the band room at the Daylesford Museum earlier this week.

The occasion was the re-opening of the band room after months of works to repair storm damage and refurbish the room as part of the ongoing renewal of the Daylesford Museum complex.

The celebration also included the award of citation to Museum curator, Gary Lawrence, for outstanding voluntary contributions to the community.

The refurbishment of the band room was funded by state and federal government grants totalling $280,000. Over $600,000 has been spent restoring the Museum complex over the past three years.

The slate roof has been repaired in some areas and completely replaced in others. The floor has been replaced, new lighting and electrical fittings installed and the interior repainted in heritage colours consistent with the rest of the Museum.

The bearers under the band room floor were resting on bare earth and were rotted because of poor drainage and frequent flooding through the leaking roof. The door frame had to be removed to enable a small excavator into the room to remove 600mm of dirt beneath the floor to allow adequate ventilation.

Gary Lawrence receives a citation recognising his volunteer contributions to the Museum and the Historical Society. (Photo: Tim Bach)

Works in many cases required specialist tradespeople. Secretary of the Museum Committee of Management, Sue Howard thanked the contractors for their cooperation and support to bring the work to completion.

Kylie Shanahan, from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) represented the Department at the opening.

She presented a citation recognising the outstanding contribution that Gary Lawrence has made as Treasurer of the Museum Committee of Management, as a committee member of the Daylesford and District Historical Society and as Museum curator. She thanks Gary for his efforts to secure funds and to manage the restoration works over the past three years.