The gold rush was a period of momentous change that saw the mass movement of people to the Victorian colony. It inspired social and political reform and contributed to the expansion of global trade, industry and commerce whilse at the same time devastating First Peoples’ Traditional Country, turning their world ‘upside down’.

The Central Victorian Goldfields World Heritage bid is a partnership between local governments, regional organisations, academia and the private sector on behalf of the Central Victorian Goldfields community.

The aim of the bid is to raise the profile of the Central Victorian Goldfields, accelerate regional recovery and provide long-term economic, social and cultural benefits for the Central Victorian Goldfields region by having the Goldfields declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A World Heritage listing will bring international recognition to some of the world’s best preserved gold rush cultural landscapes on Traditional Country and the diverse stories from this time.

Led by the Cities of Ballarat and Greater Bendigo, 15 local Councils have partnered to progress the bid and unlock its full potential. Experience in other historic sites shows that World Heritage Listings, when fully harnessed, bring a range of cultural and economic benefits that improve the outlook for communities.

A panel discussion on May 22 as part of the Ballarat Heritage Festival will explain more about the project. The event, presented by the Eureka Centre Ballarat is open to the public.

The panel includes:

  • Susan Fayad, World Heritage and Regional Development Lead, City of Ballarat (Chair)
  • Kristal Buckley AM, World Heritage Advisor, ICOMOS
  • Barry Gamble, UK-based World Heritage Consultant
  • Dr Benjamin Mountford, Senior Lecturer in History, Australian Catholic University

The panel discussion will be followed by an afternoon tea with the panellists.

Date: Wednesday 22 May 2024
Time: 1:00 PM AEST
Venue: Eureka Centre, 102 Stawell Street South Ballarat Central
Entry: Free


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