We are excited to announce that at this week’s Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic) awards night, Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre won the ‘Reducing Inequalities’ award for our Community Hygiene Station project.  It was one of only four awards presented.

We are very proud of this project for our leadership in this space and of the number of Neighbourhood Centres that have called since its opening to advise us that they are now implementing similar programs at their Centres.  In addition, several councils, one from South Australia and from NSW are following in our footsteps.  It shows how we can influence outcomes for others beyond our immediate sphere of accountability. DNC really punches above its weight!

Supporting people to help maintain their dignity in the face of hardship with something as simple as a shower and the opportunity to wear clean clothes, is a small but meaningful gesture.

A review of numbers shows it has been used 64 times since its opening,

There are 430 Neighbourhood Houses across Victoria, and only 4 categories of awards given out across the sector. (So we did really well!)

Our Manager Danny accepted the award on behalf of all of us and we received much applause.

Join Us!

DNC is a not-for-profit, community managed, dynamic, incorporated Association and a member of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (Inc).  We are dedicated to providing a happy and inclusive, community space for learning, gathering, sharing.

Our staff and volunteers offer a range of information, activities, courses, community development programs and training to meet the needs of our diverse community here in Daylesford.

We are committed to providing a culturally safe, welcoming space for local individuals, families and groups and we welcome people of all ages including children, young people, seniors, people with disabilities, those who identify as LGBTQ+, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people, those who identify as culturally or linguistically diverse, and those with special needs.

We provide community advice, meeting rooms and administrative facilities, and sporting and recreational facilities.  We deliver adult, community and further education programs and we support job-seeker.

We manage the Daylesford Arts Recreation and Cultural (ARC) centre at Daylesford High School to provide arts, sport and recreation activities for the community.

Are you interested in joining a friendly, committed group of local residents who contribute to the management of DNC?  Are you interested in ensuring that local individuals, families and groups get great programs at DNC?  We are currently seeking new members to join our team of volunteers to contribute to the realisation of the aims of the Association and its contribution to all parts of our community (and you can bask in the reflected glory of our wonderful Award!!)

Call 5348 3569 for more information and to find out how much fun it can be doing community work.  Or drop in for a cuppa and a chat! 😊

DNC Easter Jokes of the Week

  • 364 days of the year: Do NOT eat anything you find on the ground. Easter: Go and search in the dirt for chocolate that a strange giant bunny left for you, kids!
  • One Easter, a father was teaching his son to drive when out of nowhere a rabbit jumped onto the road. Slamming on the brakes, the son said, “I nearly ruined Easter! I almost ran over the Easter Bunny.” His father replied, “It’s okay son – you missed it by a hare.”
  • How does the Easter Bunny stay cool in the summer? He’s got hare-conditioning.
  • What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school? He was eggspelled!

[If you’ve got a better joke, (and doesn’t everyone??) send it to  admin@dncentre.org.au  and we’ll publish it. (Remember, this is a family publication! 😊).  We’ll even include your name if you wish – or you can protect your anonymity!]