Celia Waldron

Millie Gouldthorpe (right) and Jude Brown, at the Convent Gallery opening.

Letter to Millie:

You have and do give so much joy and laughter – both of you.  I said you would find a way through and this exhibition “ Fire in the Wood “ has proved it.  Your sense of composition and deep strong colour, gentle when appropriate, shines on the walls. There was much laughter in the room at your Opening, and the sun sent warm shafts of light through the windows of  the Convent Gallery, revealing the earth and its greenery covering steep banks outside.

While a Welsh Blessing accompanies the pictures, your friends and others blessed you and Jude Brown on Friday afternoon, enjoying, in admiration, the richness of your pictures.  And red dots appeared quickly! Jude was busy greeting all who came, with a warm welcome.

The titles of your paintings tell a story – Blue Ice (2022), Wattle Forest (2023), Regeneration (2022), Go Goldfish Go (2024), The Bees’ Symphony (2024), Ash Wednesday (2023) and Wildflower Meadow (2023) to name just a few. Twenty seven pictures are many for one exhibition, but all were engaging, compelling, and beyond expectations for Stage III.   May Stage IV follow in due course.

 The White Flower

 White Flower, where did you come from?
It’s no season for Flowers now.
Don’t you hear the storm raging?
Don’t you see the great snow?
White flower where did you come from?
It’s no season for flowers now.


The Exhibition  “Hiraeth”  (The Pull of the Earth) is open at the Convent Gallery, Daylesford, until the end of March.

 Celia Waldron is a Hepburn Springs resident and a member of the Editorial Committee of The Wombat Post.