Mick Slocum aged 75 is a former Aussie band member from the Bushwhackers who he travelled the world with but today you will find him popping up around Victoria to voluntarily restore Australia Posts iconic heritage post boxes!

So far he has lovingly restored 24 post boxes and has no plans of stopping! With support from Australia Post in his endeavours, Mick is now turning it into a statewide project to restore all 123 heritage post boxes across Victoria!

“There was one near my place here in inner-Melbourne and I must have driven past it 1000 times. It was covered in graffiti, and I just stopped one day and thought I’ll just clean it off for a minute,” Mick said.

“I came home, bought some cleaning material, cleaned off the graffiti, and stood back and looked at it and thought, I’ll just keep going. so I went down to the hardware store, bought a can of red, a can of gold, and a can of black and went back and rubbed it all down and sanded it and resprayed it. The rest has been history really.”

“We’re lifting the veil on Australia’s heritage. There aren’t many things on the streets these days that are 130 years old, and I think these things are well worthy of preservation.”

Mick will be restoring the Wills Square post box on the corner of Camp and Raglan Streets on Thursday in his tartan suit!