Indre Kisonas

A house is a home when there is love entwined.

Selling a house is a far simpler task than selling a home as the entwined emotions are far easier to disengage. Selling houses are often primarily financial transactions as the coined term ‘flipping a house’ is solely interested in fixing or masking defects to get as much profit as you can. Wonderful for those who love DIY projects. It can be exciting, new and challenging, and a way of life.

On the flip side is the principal residence that has seen and held many experiences. The home has sheltered, raised, comforted and celebrated with the myriad of family and friends it has had through its doors. The kitchen door frame may have pencil marks up it, from marking growth spurts. Carpet may be worn and threadbare in areas and paint will be chipped on doors and cupboards. This home has been a part of one’s life, through thick and thin but now it is time to move on. Change is inevitable and we must believe that it will always be for the better.

As you begin to store the memories away, to look at when there is more time, you will collect the packing boxes and take a good look at what you are leaving. How did you not notice the cobwebs in each corner? Has the front door always looked so shabby? Surely the dust motes under the bed are only new.

I will share some basic tips to getting your home in order for selling.

The number one tip is having the home clean. If you can’t do anything else, clean, wash and polish. Vinegar and bicarb with water as a paste works miracles in bathrooms and laundries, around light switches, on walls and in ovens and fridges.

Have paths and entrances clear of debris. Windows washed and curtains hung properly. It is a terrible sight to see curtains half hanging or ill fitting.  The home can be preloved and worn but it is to look well maintained.

If your budget extends to repainting walls, do it with a neutral colour to freshen the home. Anything new should be neutral in colour and pattern.

The biggest mistake I see is the new kitchen or bathroom. Done cheaply and without regard to the homes character in the hope it sells faster. Better is the clean old kitchen or bathroom that is in working order, with fresh grout. The older home will no doubt be purchased with renovations in mind so save your money and time by simply refreshing instead of remodelling.

Have the house smelling nicely. Have fresh, fluffy bed linen and cushions, even if the couch is sunken.

Green potted plants looking healthy are popular. Cluster them by a sunny window or in a bathroom in three or five, depending on the size of pots.

Lastly, and I feel this is most important, thank the home for all its comfort and service and wish it happiness with the next loving inhabitants. This helps you with closure and moving on to your next exciting adventure.

Indre Kisonas is a Daylesford resident and the owner and principal designer of iok design. She specialises in colour & interior design.