The opening concert in the 2024 Christ Church Concert Series is by Duo Zefira on Saturday, February 24 at 2:30 pm.

The program title, “Esperar, sentir, morir” (to hope, to feel, to die) is from words for one of the songs featured in the concert.

This will be a program that explores the music of the Iberian peninsula and its influence throughout Europe. Traditional melodies from the Sephardic diaspora are intertwined with theatre music from the Spanish Golden Age and popular compositions that travelled to the other end of the continent.

Duo Zefira is a collaboration between Roberta Diamond (voice) and Hannah Lane (baroque harp). Formed in 2020, Duo Zefira challenges the boundaries of conventional classical music by exploring the connection between art music and folkloric culture. The duo has received critical acclaim for their sublime
performances and innovative programming.

As leading specialists in the interpretation of early music and historically informed performance practice, Duo Zefira are passionate about bringing music from centuries past to present-day audiences. They use research and imagination to create programs that reflect the diverse musical culture of our history, exploring music from various cultural traditions, oral traditions and improvised practice to take audiences on a journey back in time and enable them to hear the resonance of the past in a contemporary context.

In performance, Duo Zefira aims to break down the traditional barrier between performer and audience through the use of story-telling, and by engaging with non-musical art forms such as poetry and literature, to create an immersive, intimate experience of the music. By contributing to a more diverse representation of classical music Duo Zefira aims to encourage a creative dialogue between people of diverse groups and cultures.

Most of the works presented are romantic in subject, passionate and tender, depicting both the highs and lows of love and loss. The traditional Sephardic
melodies of exquisite beauty, rarely if ever performed here in Australia are interspersed with theatre music from the Spanish Golden Age.

Duo Zefira toured this concert with The Song Company to Sydney, regional New South Wales and Canberra in 2020.

Date: Saturday, February 24
Time: 2:30 pm
Venue: Christ Church, 54 Central Springs Road, Daylesford.
Information: Christ Church Concerts Facebook page
Enquires: Frank Page or 0417 010 817