DNC is a not for profit, community managed, dynamic, incorporated Association and member of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (Inc). We are dedicated to providing a happy, inclusive, community space for learning, gathering and sharing. Our staff and volunteers offer a range of information, activities, courses, community development programs and training to meet the needs of our diverse community.

We are committed to providing a culturally safe, welcoming space for local individuals, families and groups and we welcome people of all ages including children, young people; seniors, people with disabilities, those who identify as LGBTQ+, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders people, those who identify as culturally or linguistically diverse, and those with special needs.

We provide community advice, meeting rooms and administrative facilities, and sporting and recreational facilities. We deliver adult, community and further education programs and support job seeker. We manage the Daylesford Arts Recreation and Cultural (ARC) centre at Daylesford High School to provide arts, sport and recreation activities for the community.

Are you interested in joining a friendly, committed group of local residents who contribute to the management of DNC? Are you interested in ensuring that local individuals, families and groups get great programs at DNC? We are currently seeking new members to join our team of volunteers to contribute to the realising the aims of the Association and its contribution to all parts of our community.

We meet regularly to implement our strategic plan which focuses on four areas:

  1. Lifelong learning: which aims to deliver a range of programs to meet local community needs for education, social connection, recreation, and employment.
  2. Arts, recreation and culture: which aims to manage the Arts, Recreation and Culture centre (ARC) at Daylesford College to provide opportunities for the community to participate in a range of arts, recreation, sporting and cultural programs.
  3. Community facilities and support: which aims to provide rooms, kitchen, shower, laundry, IT and printing facilities and reception, information and referral support for individuals and community organisations to facilitate community activities and connect people with services.
  4. Community connection and advocacy: which aims to connect people and organisations in the local community and to advocate for community priorities to improve resilience and ensuring that the wellbeing and develop a program of volunteer development activities and opportunities.

Committee of Management Responsibilities

You can join the committee of Management or one of these four subcommittees working to contribute to our strategic plan. The time commitment is negotiable, and you will:

  • Contribute to the oversight and management of the Association according to its Rules of Incorporation.
  • Support the vision, purpose and values of the organisation and ensure these are reflected in governance and management.
  • Meet regularly to monitor performance in the best interests of DNC and protect its assets.
  • Participate in one of the four strategic subcommittees.

Interested in contributing? Call 53483569 to discuss your interest and meet with a current member to discuss how you might like to get involved.