We Wrap-up the Year

We have certainly had a big year at DNC with the opening of our hygiene station, incorporating shower and laundry facilities, earlier in the year. It has proven to be very popular and we’re glad to be able to offer this important service to our community.

We’ve also had automatic doors installed during the year which still continue to shock and amaze us all! This has been a great addition, particularly for our disabled and not-so-able community members. We hope to continue the improvements to DNC and we’ll be letting you know about our updates early next year. We are collaborating on some updates with Working Heritage Victoria so we are looking forward to an exciting 2024 for DNC!

DNC is very proud to have been nominated for the Neighbourhood Houses Victoria 2023 Awards. We are finalists in the Reducing Inequalities category. This award is in recognition of our newly created Hygiene Station. The winners are going to be announced at our 2024 Conference in March.

We would like to thank all our tutors, participants and supporters for all their efforts in 2023. Our courses wouldn’t happen without our tutors and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have our students and participants. Thank you all for supporting the centre throughout 2023.

Similarly, the work done by our band of volunteers keeps our business going.  And we’re always ready to welcome more ‘volies’

We are getting our Term 1 brochure organised for January next year.   If you would like to run a course at DNC in 2024, or if you have ideas for courses you’d like to attend, please get in touch and we’ll send you a Course Proposal. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting courses to run! If you would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact Danny our Manager for a chat!

From all at DNC, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas period and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

DNC Joke of the Week

One night a Viking named Rudolph the Red was looking out the window when he said, “It’s going to rain.”

His wife asked, “How do you know?”

“Because Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear.”


Boom, boom!!  See you next year.


[If you’ve got a better joke, (and doesn’t everyone??) send it to  admin@dncentre.org.au  and we’ll publish it. (Remember, this is a family publication! 😊).  We’ll even include your name if you wish – or you can protect your anonymity!]