Driving around Daylesford and Hepburn it is hard not to notice the For Sale signs that dot many streets.

And a recent report in The Age based on domain.com data shows that buyers in Daylesford, Creswick and Ballan are driving discounts on sales that are among the highest in the State for regional properties.

Rising interest rates and return to CBD offices may be discouraging some potential buyers.

Discounts this year (10.5%) were deeper than last year (7.5%) and many local properties have been on the market for a year or more.

A review of properties for sale as listed on the Realestate.com website provides an insight into the current market.

As of December 12, a total of 212 properties are listed in the Daylesford, Hepburn, Hepburn Springs areas and the surrounding districts including Glenlyon but excluding Trentham.

There are 103  properties listed in  Daylesford including 78 houses and 25 clear lots. The median listed price for houses is $995,000 and the average price is $1.104 million. Prices range from $549,000 to $4.5 million. There are 10 properties listed under $700,000. Prices for land started at $320,000 with eight being offered at $400K or less.

The Hepburn Springs area has 27 houses for sale with a median price of $849,000 and an average price of $877,000. The lowest price in Hepburn Springs is also $549,000. Eight properties are listed under $700,000 and 17 were under $1 million.

Glenlyon has a significant number of properties for sale reflecting recent sub divisions and building developments.


Properties for Sale

Location Number of Houses Number of Land allotments Total
Daylesford 78 25 103
Hepburn 27 10 37
Glenlyon 7 12 19
Others 30 23 53
Total 142 70 212


Four agents,  Belle Properties, BigginScott, Jellis Craig and McQueens, dominate the local market listing 164 of 212 available properties between them.