Sue Howard

During 2023 the Australian and Victorian Governments announced funding of $245,771 for the Daylesford Museum under Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements to repair and restore parts of the historic building.

The work involves extensive repairs to the Band Room floor, (used by the Daylesford Community Brass Band for more than 50 years!) and a new slate roof. The drainage on the northern side of the building will be improved and, most obviously to passers-by, will be the removal of the large open tin shed on the northern side of the site.

Over the last 6 months equipment and machinery stored by the Historical Society has been relocated and rehomed.

The Daylesford Museum building holds important local stories and history, and work is being done to preserve the building and ensure its safety into the future. Most of the work aims to repair the building where damage has been caused by the ingress of water and prevent further damage by fixing roof leaks and drainage problems that result in water pooling under the building. All the repairs are informed by the building’s Conservation Management Plan and with the approval of Council and Heritage Victoria.

The demolition of the tin shed should be completed by Christmas and the other work will be completed by June 2024.

The Committee is very grateful for the support of the State and Federal Government and the co-operation it receives from the Community Brass Band and the Historical Society. The year ahead will be another busy year at the Daylesford Museum Reserve.

Sue Howard is the Secretary of the Daylesford Museum Reserve Committee of Management.