Dudley McArdle with Glenn Webster

If your Fire Plan is to leave early, remember to prepare your pets as well. But always remember to put your own safety before the safety of your pets.

Have bedding, food and water ready to go in a Bushfire Relocation Kit for pets. See below for suggested list of items to include.

Make sure you can transport your pets with your own Bushfire Survival Kits. Practise how you will move your pets if you leave. It takes longer than you think.

Know where you could house your pets if you decide to leave early. This may include boarding kennels, a relative or friend’s place or you may be able to keep them with you.

If you choose to keep your pets with you, confine them early. Pets are safest inside a secure room, on a lead or in carriers. Make sure they have plenty of water to drink.

Have towels and woollen blankets available to cover and protect your pets.

Make sure your pets can be identified easily. Microchip your animals and include your details such as your phone number on collars. The National Pet Register provides free identification for cats and dogs.

Discuss with neighbours about protecting your pets if you are not at home during a bushfire. Keep in regular contact with your neighbours during the fire danger period to let them know your plans.

Keep your Bushfire Relocation Kit for pets within easy reach so you are ready to leave early.

Your Pet Bushfire Relocation Kit should include:

  • Food and water
  • A bowl for each pet
  • A second collar and lead
  • A carrier for cats and smaller pets
  • Bedding and a woollen blanket
  • A pet first-aid kit – seek your vet’s advice
  • A favourite toy
  • Any medications, along with a written list of what they are
  • Your pet’s medical history, including proof of vaccination
  • Your vet’s contact details

Get more Bushfire preparedness info at https://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/before-and-during-a-fire

Dudley McArdle is a Daylesford resident and a former Emergency Services Management consultant. Glen Webster is the Daylesford CFA Captain.


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