What Courses Should DNC Run Next Year?

As we head in to December, all our courses have been run for this year. Many in our community have learned new skills and adopted new practices.

We are currently getting our Term 1 program organised for January next year. If you would like to run a course at DNC in 2024, or if you have ideas of courses you’d like to see run, please get in touch and we’ll send you a Course Proposal.

We are always on the lookout for new and interesting courses to run! If you would like to discuss training ideas, feel free to contact Danny, our Manager, on 5348 3569 for a chat!

In the meantime, we are happy to promote some important local causes that we would love our community to get behind!


Central Highlands Rural Health Christmas Raffle

Love your local health services this Christmas. Help raise funds for Daylesford Health.

TICKETS $25.00

Our prizes:  1st – Limited Edition Black TM6 Thermomix; 2nd – $500 fuel voucher; 3rd – $250 Grocery Voucher

Winners will be drawn 13 December 2023.

This is a great community organisation to support!  Please buy a ticket and support our local community health centre.     



What is a Reverse Advent Calendar box you ask?

Unlike the traditional Advent Calendar where the focus is on receiving a treat every day, the Reverse Advent Calendar takes the focus off “receiving” and places the focus on “giving”.

A Reverse Advent Calendar begins as an empty box. For 20 days in the lead up to Christmas, the idea is that you place one item into the box each day (non-perishable food, toiletries, Christmas treat, etc). Your filled box is then dropped off at a designated location, where it is then distributed by food relief agencies to people in your immediate community who are experiencing food insecurity.

DNC have empty boxes available for anyone who would like to take a box to fill at home. The boxes are available to any person or organisation. If you have a business, why not have one in your foyer or reception area for members of the public to contribute to? You could organise a box for your street so your neighbours all contribute an item. There is no restriction on who can have a box to fill! If you would like to have a box to fill, please contact DNC on 53483569, or just pop in to collect one!


DNC Joke of the Week

A collector of rare books ran into a friend who told him he had just thrown out an old Bible that he had found in a dusty old box. The collector’s friend mentioned that Guten-somebody-or-other had printed the Bible.

“You don’t mean Gutenberg?” gasped the collector.

“Yes, that was it!”

“You fool! You’ve thrown out one of the first books ever printed!  A copy was recently auctioned off for hundreds of thousands of dollars!”

“Oh, I doubt this book would be worth nearly as much.  Some dude named Martin Luther scribbled all over the margins.”


[If you’ve got a better joke, (and doesn’t everyone??) send it to  admin@dncentre.org.au  and we’ll publish it. (Remember, this is a family publication! 😊).  We’ll even include your name if you wish – or you can protect your anonymity!]