Wednesday 12 December will mark 161 years since the laying of the Foundation Stone at Christ Church, Church of England, Daylesford on Friday 12th December 1862.

About 150 people were present and a small procession came from the School Hall (now W. E. Stanbridge Hall) to the south west angle of the new Church. The ceremony was conducted by The Ven. Archdeacon Crawford of Castlemaine, assisted by Rev. E.G. Pryce.

The stone was placed under the direction of the Builder Mr. Bacon. A bottle containing coins of the realm, copies of the Daylesford Express and the Argus together with a descriptive scroll, was deposited in a cavity beneath the stone. The stone is no longer visible as it rests under the Chancel and Sanctuary built at the southern end of the Church and opened in 1896. This addition was made possible through the generosity of the Hon. W. E. Stanbridge who bequeathed the sum of £1,000.

The Anniversary will be recognised at the Sunday service at 10am, Sunday 10 December. Some historical vmaterial related to early history church will be on display . Members of the Parish and the wider community are invited to join the service.

Enquires can be directed to Yvonne Deans, Parish Secretary (E:, M: 0421 613 860)

This article is based on a media release from Christ Church, Daylesford.