The long running Local Government investigation of the Rex debacle continues.

Council purchased the Rex building in Vincent Street in 2016 to develop a Daylesford community hub at a questionably high price and subsequently sold the building last year for a significant loss following a mismanaged development project.

The Local Government Inspectorate initiated an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the purchase of the Rex more than four years ago.

During Tuesday’s Council meeting,  CEO Bradley Thomas, in a response to a question from Councillor Lesley Hewitt, confirmed  that  Local Government Inspectorate (LGI) representatives have again visited Daylesford in the past month “ … as part of the ongoing investigation that the LGI is doing into The Rex and Other Events.”

Mr Thomas said that having LGI investigators here,  showed that the investigation was moving forward.

The constraints around commenting on an LGI investigation meant The CEO was restricted in comments but he indicated that the emphasis of the visit was focused on what had changed in the organisation (Council) in relation to governance and procedures.

In response to a follow up question from Cr Hewitt, Mr Thomas was unable to advise when the report would be released by the LGI and what form it would take.

1601 days have elapsed since the LGI investigation into the Rex commenced. A copy of a draft report has been leaked to “The Local” and there is ongoing commentary in the community.

References to “Other Events” and the need for changes to Council governance would indicate that the LGI had found significant issues of concern.

It is also understood  that the LGI’s concerns extend well beyond the events related specifically to The Rex purchase.

The LGI’s secrecy and the delay in releasing the report has placed question marks over the reputation of many past and present staff and Councillors – an untenable situation.

This has been the case for 4 years and 140 days!

Despite repeated requests from the Wombat Post and others the LGI has failed to explain why it has not finished its investigation and reported to the Daylesford Community.