The Minister for Planning, Sonya Kilkenny has approved planning permits for 1 and 9 Raglan Street.

This application was previously linked as a preferred location for the next series of the “The Block” television show. Objectors sought to take the  the matter to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal following approval. The proposal was subsequently called in for decision by the Minister following an application by the developers and the The Block’s official architect to fast track the proposal.

Ron Torres, Executive Manager for Planning said, “The proposal was considered by the State Government under its Development Facilitation Program (DFP); a program established by the Minister for Planning to speed up the assessment and determination of identified priority projects.

We have been informed that the Minister (through delegation) has approved the 3 x planning permit applications that relate to 1 and 9 Raglan Street. These were the 2x subdivision applications and the multi-dwelling application.  Further details will be released as part of the formal gazettal expected to occur next week, at which time officers will be able to review conditions imposed on the development.  Noting Council was supportive and approved an application at these sites at the October Council Meeting.”

The planning permit for 1 Raglan Street was for the land an be subdivided the into multiple allotments (including a ‘superlot’) and associated works, the removal of vegetation and the creation of access to a road. A separate permit sought to allow buildings and works to construct five dwellings.

For  9 Raglan Street the permit seeks to subdivide the land into multiple allotments with associated works, the removal of vegetation, the demolition of a building in a Heritage Overlay, and the creation and alteration of access to a road.

Council advises that any further enquiries should be directed to the Office of the Minister for Planning.