Daylesford Primary School has been recognised for Outstanding Provision for High-Ability Students (Primary).

The 2023 Victorian Education Excellence Awards recognise outstanding teachers, principals, business managers, and support staff demonstrating outstanding dedication and achievement in government education. Sixteen awards were made to individuals and teams selected from 47 finalists.

Students at Daylesford Primary connect with programs from the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series and Victorian High-Ability Program. Students  interact with the local community and wider education network in student-led projects and initiatives. Collaborative learning and outstanding classroom practice has strengthened the school’s emphasis on individual goal setting and student agency, increasing high-ability achievement outcomes across the School.

The School has worked closely with the University of New England to video document their exemplary high-ability provision for inclusion in the department’s updated high-ability toolkit.

Creating an aspirational culture for all students, the school is nurturing children’s potential with an inquiry-led approach that is enriching their curriculum and community. Accessing professional learning and support from the high-ability toolkit, the school is creating opportunity and access for high-ability learners in inquiry-based extension programs that are inspiring children of high-ability to experience learning in new ways.

“We are so proud to have been awarded the Victorian Education Excellence Award for Outstanding Provision for High-Ability Students,” said Daylesford Primary Principal, Ali McCann. “It is a testament to our dedicated staff, supportive community and amazing students. At Daylesford Primary School we pride ourselves on catering to the ‘whole child’ focusing on their social, emotional, physical and academic growth. We set aspirational goals for all our learners and nurture their many and varied strengths. There are no tall poppies when we’re all tall poppies!”

The award was made at the 2023 Victorian Education Excellence Awards (VEEA) held at the Plaza Ballroom in Melbourne. The VEEA inspires teachers, principals, business managers and support staff in government schools to help students to achieve their best.

This year’s awards were held on October 27, the day that Australia celebrates World Teachers’ Day. The awards support the continued professional development of staff, with professional learning grants of up to $25,00 for the winner in each category.

In making the awards, Minister for Education, Ben Carroll, applauded the commitment and passion of teachers, leaders and school staff across Victoria for their incredible work in helping make Victoria the Education state.

“Congratulations to Daylesford Primary School,” said Member for Macedon, Mary-Anne Thomas. ‘Teachers, leaders and school staff do tremendous work in setting local students up to thrive in their education and life. And these awards recognise and praise these educators for their outstanding contributions.”

This article is based on a media release from Mary-Anne Thomas and information from the VEEA website.