Responsible Service of Alcohol

Looking to qualify for work in the hospitality industry?  Now is a great time to upskill and get yourself job-ready.

This is the last time this course will be run this year.

The Responsible Service of Alcohol Course is designed to give participants skills and knowledge necessary to ensure a safe environment in licensed premises.

The course is an official Victorian Liquor Licensing Commission Program.

Date:  Tues 10 November 2023
Time:  10am-2.30pm
Cost:  $110
Tutor:  The Laurels

To enrol, go to our website .  Click on the COURSES link, then scroll to the course.


DNC Joke of the Week

A zookeeper is ordering new animals. As he fills out the forms, he types, “Two mongeese.”

That doesn’t look right, so he tries, “Two mongooses,” then “two mongeeses.”

Giving up, he types, “One mongoose, and while you’re at it, send another one.”


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