In case you don’t understand Italian….The Swiss Italian Festa is Open!  Yes the SIF is back with a bang and it’s officially open as of today Friday 27th October with a big program planned for the entire weekend.

The Festa will commence with an official opening event being at Bellinzona for invited guests on Friday evening and continue right through until Sunday night winding up with the lantern parade and fireworks at the Mineral Springs Reserve.  There are also many events over the course of the weekend that locals and visitors have the opportunity to attend with a nice blending of old and new traditions from the Festa.  See the link at the bottom of this article for the program providing dates, times and locations.

When asked what he thought the highlights of the Swiss Italian Festa might be, Morgan Williams, SIF Committee Member, replied, “Everyone is really looking forward to the lantern parade and the fireworks.  These are two very nostalgic events that have always been part of the Festa.  The kids at the local schools have been busy making lanterns and are very excited about taking part in the parade.”

If you don’t have a lantern but would like to take part in the parade you still have an opportunity to make one at the Carnevale being held at the Mineral Springs Reserve on Saturday.  The lantern parade is leaving from Harry’s in Hepburn Springs on Sunday.

The Grande Parade, also a nostalgic return event, is taking place in Hepburn Springs on Saturday morning from 10:30 am. The parade will proceed along Church Ave, Borsa Cr, Sixth St and Main Road in Hepburn Springs wending its way down to the Mineral Springs Reserve where the Festa di Famiglia will commence at 11:00 a.m.

Another major highlight is the return of the Masquerade Ball being held at The Palais.  Taking place on Saturday night with dinner, a show and dancing – the original dress up affair. Tickets are still available.  The Masquerade Ball was held every year as part of the SIF for many years but seemed to die out some years ago now.  It’s great to see it back in form and at such an ideal location as The Palais.  Break out your masquerade masks and get along to it.

There are two Landscape Art Shows on offer with the Hepburn Shire Children’s Landscape Art Prize on offer and on display from 4-5:30 at Hepburn Primary School and the Landscape Art Show on display at Radius Art.  The public has the opportunity to vote for a winning artwork at the main show and all pieces on display are for sale with a percentage of the sale price going directly to support the Festa.

Many of the events on offer are free with a great range of choice for paid events which are excellent value for money. There’s something for everyone in the family to participate in and enjoy.

The SIF Committee has worked very hard to bring the Festa back in all its glory so let’s support the Festa and celebrate its return with a great local turnout.

Viva La Festa 2023!!

The Program for the Festa is available on their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.