Local co-housing group, WINC (Women in Co-housing) has featured in a feature film on loneliness recently released on SBS ON Demand.

The film, titled The Great Separation, examines the epidemic of loneliness in modern society. One in four Australians suffer from loneliness and our desire for homes that offer maximum security and privacy contributes to feelings of separation and loneliness.

The film features a young man, Joey, who at the age of 23, felt so alone that he attempted to take his life. He lost a leg as a result of his suicide attempt. During his recovery, he tried to understand isolation and its devastating impact. With the help of mental health professionals, he considered the effective interventions people can use to cope with loneliness.

Two co-housing groups – WINC and Urban Coop – are presented as housing alternatives that encourage human interaction.

Developers, Fraser Property Australia, who are working with WINC on their co-housing project  in Castlemaine, sponsored the film because they wanted to learn more about how to create community in their housing developments.

“It was terrific to take part in the film, meet Joey, the narrator, and Shannon Swan, the director, and have WINC cohousing shown as one model for creating a healthy living community for older women,” said WINC secretary, Mary-Faeth Chenery. “The film is a good service to the broader community to educate about loneliness, its consequences and preventive strategies. I hope many in our Daylesford area will view it. Seeing the film has certainly increased my efforts to be neighbourly.”

You can watch film at the https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/tv-program/the-great-separation/2264956483788 or check out the trailer below.


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