At their regular October meeting Council unanimously approved a planning permit for 1 Raglan St (corner Raglan street and Midland Hwy), Daylesford.

The site previously linked as a preferred location for the next series of  “The Block” was given a Notice of Decision (NOD)  to grant a Permit subject to 33 conditions. The NOD approves 5 dwellings on 2000 sqm lots.

A similar application is currently being assessed by the Minister of the Department of Transport and Planning.

In  a separate but related matter, an application for review of Council’s NOD for the subdivision of the subject site was subject to a Compulsory Conference (mediation) at VCAT on 5 October 2023. The matter was not resolved at that meeting.

The site has recently been identified for its state significance as an archaeological site. This does not impede the granting of the NOD or impact the ability for the site to be developed but is a requirement the applicant must conform with.

Council’s Manager of Planning and Building, Amy Boyd, addressed council and put into context this application within the broader Middleton Fields development which incorporates 17 & 29 Smith St and 1 & 9 Raglan St . Ms Boyd clarified previous permits relating to this development as listed in the table below.

PLN22/0176 Staged multi-lot subdivision and associated works, creation of access to a road in a transport zone 2 and removal of vegetation. Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit determined by Council on 18 April, 2023 Application for Review with VCAT


PLN23/0115 Removal of one tree (Tree 11) Permit issued 27 July, 2023 VicSmart application
PLN23/0116 Grading for one or more dwellings, creation of access to the Midland Highway, capping existing airshaft Permit issued 28, July 2023


Officer Delegation



Ms Boyd emphasised that the 33 conditions recommended had been shared with the Minister of Planning to increase the likelihood common condition if the Minister determines to grant application submitted to the department.

Significant conditions include:

  • Setback of the roadway (allowing access to the dwellings) a  further 4 metres to the northwest. This is to provide additional protection to the trees on the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) .
  • Requirement of a $100K bank guarantee as a security deposit for the satisfactory management of the requirements in relation to preservation and to ensure that the trees are not damaged prior to their vesting to the Hepburn Shire Council (2 years).
  • All Avenue of Honour Trees are to be retained.

The permit approval is subject to the normal 28 day notice period where objections can lodged with VCAT.