Works will start this week at Central Springs Reserve in Daylesford to prepare the site for the drilling of a new mineral springs bore.

Over the coming weeks there will be vehicles at the reserve to prepare the site for the drilling equipment. Some areas will be temporarily closed to pedestrians between the carpark at Fulcher Street and the reserve throughout October and early November while works are underway.

The new bore will extend to a depth of around 50 metres, with the aim to provide more reliable and safe mineral drinking water at the popular reserve. The current bores at Central Springs Reserve are approximately nine metres deep.

Central Highlands Water tests the water quality in mineral springs each fortnight. Council closes access to the pumps if readings do not meet requirements. Hydrogeologists engaged by Council have advised that a deeper aquifer would produce more consistent water quality.

The three mineral springs pumps at the reserve will be closed in late October. The closest alternative pumps are Sutton Spring approximately 500 metres northwest of Central Springs (along Dry Diggings Track, adjacent to the creek) or Wombat Flat Spring on the southeast bank of Lake Daylesford (off King Street).

Three new pumps will be installed in early 2024 as part of a broader redevelopment of the reserve in line with stage one of the reserve masterplan, which was based on widespread community consultation in 2021.

Along with new mineral springs pumps, the works will include improvements to Wombat Creek, beautification of Hard Hills Spring, installation of new park furniture, landscaping and connecting pathways.

If there are sufficient funds, the picnic and shelter area and works to highlight the historic hydropower pump infrastructure may also be included. Council will consider the contract for the stage one works at the ordinary meeting of Council in December.

“In the short term, there will be some impact on reserve users while preparation works and drilling are underway. We aim to minimise the disruption during this time, but some areas will be temporarily closed to pedestrians between the carpark at Fulcher Street and the reserve while works are carried out,” said Mr Lucas.


This article is based on a media release from Hepburn Shire Council.