The result of an accidental meeting between Daylesford Museum curator, Gary Lawrence, and local well-known artist, Petrus Spronk, has resulted in a wonderful new addition to the Daylesford Museum – the Daylesford Ceramic Collection.

Gary asked Petrus if he would donate a piece of his work to the museum in order that the community could have a permanent object to recognise his contribution to the local artistic community. Gary’s thought was that museums shouldn’t just be about old things.

Petrus, however, thinking that he was just part of a family of local ceramicists who were also making a contribution to the creative spirit of our community, sought to bring other potters into a potential museum collection..

“I contacted Gary and suggested the idea that I contact the ceramicists of the Shire and he agreed,” said Petrus. “And when I did contact them, I had an incredible response in that every one of the ceramicists I approached, without exception, agreed and generously donated a piece of their work.”

Petrus then had the idea that they should hold an exhibition to celebrate the event. Morgan Williams and Kim Percy, the directors of the Radius Art Space in Hepburn agreed to host the exhibition which includes 17 pieces which will find a permanent home in the Daylesford Museum as well as a number of additional pieces from each of the participating artists.

At the exhibition opening last Saturday, Gary Lawrence spoke about the wonderful community of artists he has come to know in the last 25 years. He recounted stories of taking his children to local art galleries and meeting local artists. And he spoke of the importance of recognising the contributions of local artists to the community and the importance of preserving a selection of their contributions in the permanent museum collection.

Petrus Spronk. (Photo: Tim Bach)

Artists who are included in the exhibition and who have contributed pieces to the Daylesford Ceramic Collection are:

Angie Izard
Belinda Michael
Bridget Bodenham
Desiree Radi Mansbridge
Emma Jimson
Frances Guerin
Janae Paquin-Bowden
Jason Luca
Kim Haughie
Lily Lindsay
Marina Pribaz
Mel Ogden
Minaal Lawn
Minna Graham
Petrus Spronk
Tania Verdez
Tina Banitska


The Daylesford Ceramic Collection will be on display at Radius Art Space until September 30. The gallery is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Museum curator, Gary Lawrence, spoke to the large crowd at the opening about the importance to the whole community of our local artists. (Photo: Robyn Lawrence)