Celia Waldron

A misty Sunday afternoon was perfect for a visit to the Convent Gallery to view an exhibition of paintings of Daylesford and surrounds by local artist Brian Nash .

Perfect to come out of all encompassing mist into this wonderful gallery of rooms full of the treasures of multiple exhibititors.

Coming to Brian Nash paintings was a cheerful reminder of the landscapes we live amongst, often missed in the haste of this world. In the same room, complimenting Brian’s paintings and they themselves, are tiny bronzes all displaying clever curating.

His gum trees are in exquisite detail of bark – bark of beautiful, warm earthy colour, touched by the sparkle of sunlight after rain, it seems. Another of a laneway into an avenue of trees and shadow lit by sunlight, the picture pulling you in to walk  the track, to discover and wonder – touched by the light at the entrance and a short distance along.

The same sunlight flowing softly, gently through the windows of this beautifully tranquil building, saved from final destruction  for another  time.

This beautiful building seems to retain  it’s spirituality of a bygone day – now displaying the gifts  of creative people such as Brian Nash with his gift of keen observation of his environment and his skill to capture the wonder of sunlight on the leaves of a tree, the water of a creek meandering, gleaming through its environment, snow lying on an old Morris Miner parked adjacent to a stone building in striking contrast. This car has been parked under a street tree as long as I have known five short years of living in Hepburn Springs.

The car is now gone but the image captured.

Brian Nash is a self-taught artist who was born in Melbourne and now lives in Daylesford. He has been painting professionally since the early 70’s and his paintings of Daylesford icons such as The Convent Gallery, the Boathouse, Lake Daylesford and Jubilee Lake are well known to locals. Brian was a foundation member of Australian Guild of Realist Artist and taught privately for 10 years.  He works in oil, acrylic, and pastel.  

He is a member of the Daylesford Art Show Committee and has, for many years contributed a painting as First Prize in the Art Show Raffle.

The exhibition has now closed but a number of Brian’s paintings are still on display at The Convent Gallery. Originals and prints of his art are available from his website, briannash.com.au. Brian is in the process of publishing a book of his art and a launch is planned for The Convent Gallery in October.