Local contemporary folk trio “Little Tree” will be playing at the Palais Hepburn tonight (Friday 28th July).

Little Tree formed in 2022, and comprise Tim Burder, Lee Mould and Yenni Terrimaki.

Many Daylesford folk would know Tim through his work as a photographer, but he has more recently focused on song writing and music production where he is about to complete tertiary studies. Yenni also is a familiar face in the Daylesford music and hospitality scenes. Lee is a more recent arrival in Daylesford. He has lived in many parts of the world and gathered many musical influences.

As you might expect from their varied backgrounds, Little Tree draw together strands from multiple styles into an interesting melting pot of musical ideas. So, what do they sound like?

Tim describes their music as, “a cross between contemporary singer songwriter and traditional folk” and he references Nick Drake and Pink Floyd as influences.

In the storytelling folk tradition Lee says, “a lot of our songs are based on personal experience”.

As the most recent member of the group, Yenni reflected on one of her previous projects and an interaction in the Coles carpark, saying, “I felt I was in this period of uncertainty but needing to keep singing and then I ran into Tim and the timing was really good. He and Lee just welcomed me in and said let’s see what we can do, we’ve got these songs and it’s evolved from there. I think it’s been a wonderful journey so far”.

The band have released an EP titled “Empathy” on Bandcamp. Go check it out. With an eye to the future and an ear to the past, it’s certainly contemporary folk. Dense acoustic guitars front and centre, subtle rhythms and an ambience that is reminiscent of the 60s British folk revival.  Tim and Lee’s earthy tones provide a counterpoint to Yenni’s delightful mellifluous vocal style.

Earlier this week the group dropped by the Hepburn Community Radio studio for a chat and to play a few of their songs. You can hear the interview on the HCR Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/hepburn-community-radio/little-tree