At it’s regular meeting on Tuesday, July 18, Council will consider a planning application for a micro-abattoir at 129 Morgantis Road, Eganstown. A new building proposed for the site would contain Slaughter facilities, a boning room with commercial kitchen, a farm gate shop, chiller room, curing room and office and staff facilities.

The application received 30 objections which raised concerns about amenity impacts from wastewater, noise and odour, impacts on the local road network and unacceptable changes to rural lifestyle character of the area.

Council officers have recommended that a permit b granted for the development with conditions that protect the amenity of the area.

A list of current planning applications for addresses in the Daylesford-Hepburn area is included below.

Application ID Application Description Property Address Closing Date
PLN22/0400 Remove existing house and vegetation and construct new single storey dwelling with ESO1, ESO2 and Heritage overlay 45 Central Springs Road DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 6/07/2023
PLA22/0276 Request to amend Section 173 Agreement 12A South Lyonville Road LYONVILLE VIC 3461 1/08/2023
PLA23/0002 Amend PLN22/0328 to remove Condition 6 that requires car parking on the site for increase in patronage. 27 Vincent Street DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 2/08/2023
PLN23/0036 Demolition of outbuildings, Buildings and works for carport and second dwelling on one lot, and Two lot subdivision (boundary realignment) 127 Vincent Street DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 27/07/2023
PLN23/0016 Detached addition to existing dwelling (studio) new carport and storage area and removal of plum trees 48 West Street DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 25/07/2023
PLN23/0072 Single Dwelling Development 9 Range Road HEPBURN SPRINGS VIC 3461 17/07/2023
PLA23/0011 Single Storey Dwelling 230 Whitegum Drive WHEATSHEAF VIC 3461 6/07/2023
PLN23/0088 Development of accommodation (glamping tents) and pool associated with existing caravan park 3021 Ballan-Daylesford Road DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 13/07/2023
PLA23/0016 Planning permit needs to be amended as original planning permit issued has been determined by engineers to put the original dwelling (powder magazine) at risk. Plans have been redrawn with proposed renovation now a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom single storey dwelling. The new dwelling will be located further away from the original old building with a light-weight glass link (as previously specified by heritage guidance) to ensure it is built without causing any harm to the original building. No changes made to the plans for the original powder magazine itself apart from the internal layout. 33 West Street DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 17/07/2023
PLN23/0100 Two (2) Lot Subdivision 2 Fifteenth Street HEPBURN VIC 3461 17/07/2023
PLN23/0108 Buildings and works for a dwelling 809 Daylesford-Malmsbury Road GLENLYON VIC 3461 17/07/2023
PLN23/0109 use and buildings and works for a dwelling, carport and shed. 41 Pfeiffers Track DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 17/07/2023