DNC’s Return on Investment

A recent survey by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic) of the Neighbourhood Centres in Hepburn Shire shows that our Centres bring a massive return on investment to our communities for the very modest costs generated and income received.

Overall, from a total income of $1,040,318 (mostly from grants, course fees, membership fees, DFFH NH Co-ordination funding) they produced an output for the community of $2,659,559 – a return on investment that would be the envy of any commercial enterprise!

This community value* equates to:

  • $2.56 for every $1 of income
  • $6.66 for every $1 of Neighbourhood House Coordination Program funding
  • Over $237.32 for every hour the neighbourhood houses are in use

Those contributions to the community include the value of:

  • Improved quality of life through social connection: $988,685
  • Volunteer contributions: $557,308
  • Emergency relief provided: $595,485
    • Food and groceries
  • Services provided: $331,124
    • Computer/internet usage: $2,832
    • Facilities use or hire: $157,296
    • Resumé assistance: $1,080
    • Tax Help: $700
    • Auspicing other organisations: $13,282
    • Community lunch, frozen or other meals: $38,160
    • Fee for service activities: $103,274
    • Power Saving Bonus: $14,500
  • Adult Community Education: $105,758
  • Social enterprise goods & services: $81,200

The employment value of all this return works out at 8.3 Full Time Equivalent jobs.  DNC provides our services with a miserly 1.7 FTEs!

These statistics convince us that Hepburn Shire Houses are certainly punching above their weight in supporting our community.  We hope they convince you, too.

*These values are produced by Neighbourhood Houses Victoria based on data provided by Neighbourhood Houses in Hepburn Shire Council in the 2022 Neighbourhood Houses Survey. Only a limited range of activities where a determinable valuation method exists are included.


DNC Joke of the Week

I hailed a cab to take me home in Melbourne one night.  The cabbie said no problem and started speeding through the streets.

We came upon a yellow light and instead of slowing down, he sped up and shot through the intersection. I asked, “Hey, should you slow down a bit?”

“Don’t worry about it.  All of my buddies drive this way.”

We came upon a red light and again he sped through the intersection. I’m seriously concerned for my life now, “Would you please drive more carefully.”

“Don’t worry about it.  All of my buddies drive this way and we have been fine.”

Then we came upon a green light and the cabbie screeched to a dead stop. I got curious, “Why are you stopped at a green light?”

“Oh, I gotta be careful ’cause one of my buddies could be driving on the other street.”


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