Victor Szwed

Council has been running a consultation process to get community feedback on the future of our towns and rural settlements. An on-line survey is available and can be completed up until 11pm on 2nd of July. This is an important opportunity to have your say to help influence this strategic planning process that will set key directions for the coming years.

This survey is easy to complete and you are encourage to do so. The survey is available via Council’s Web site through their Strategic Planning area or you can follow the link:

What are the Important issues for you and how would you like to see the future of your town managed? How important are Heritage, Environment, Biodiversity,  Streetscape, Neighbourhood Character, Housing Design, Affordability, Community Facilities, Commercial Activities or Arts and Culture? This survey covers these and much more, so please link in and have your say.

What types of housing would you like to see encouraged in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs? How important is affordability, smaller housing, accessible homes and housing that complements the attractive diversity. Are you happy to see more new subdivisions that are designed as if they are part of “suburban” Melbourne rather than working in with the Town Character? Are you concerned about more and more concrete footpaths and curbs being added by developers and Council itself rather than using more sympathetic materials such as bitumen, granitic sands, bluestone and so on?

How is the Daylesford Town Centre going? There have been three Streetscape Strategies developed for the town centre over the past three decades with minimal implementation. My view is that we do not need another $100,000 plus consultant effort but some straight forward sympathetic works such as a fresh bitumen seal and bin surrounds that have artwork added by local Artists.

How can we better acknowledge the Indigenous heritage and culture? How can Council ensure that Daylesford’s future is well managed? Should we have a group of town leaders and residents brought together to discuss how to practically go forward? How can land be freed up for more affordable housing and smaller housing for older residents who do not need 3 or 4 bedrooms?

Wide Streets with impressive trees add to the special character of our town. (Photo: Victor Szwed)

How do you see road safety as well as walking and cycling facilities? Is signage sufficient to assist visitors and locals to find their way around while walking and cycling? Once we had three public toilets in the Daylesford Town Centre; now there is only one. But is there adequate signage for visitors to find it?

If you have concerns and ideas to improve Daylesford and Hepburn Springs please get on your pushbike and peddle your way to this most important survey before it closes on 2nd July.


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Victor Szwed was former Hepburn Shire CEO 1995 to 2008 and a Town Planner.