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The Lookout at Cornish Hill has been refurbished in a partnership between Daylesford Rotary and Daylesford Men’s Shed. The Lookout, known as Thomas’ Lookout, was built by Daylesford Rotary Club in 1997/98 as a community service project to help highlight the great views. Many of the timbers in the old lookout were rotting so Daylesford Rotary asked the Men’s Shed to refurbish it.

Larry Lawrence working on the refurbishment with the magnificent views behind. (Photo: Victor Szwed)

Larry Lawrence and Bruce Davis from the Men’s Shed replaced and repaired timbers. Rotarian Victor Szwed organised repainting assisted by Mark Rak and Colin Metcalf. Kim Johnson who operates Signsation kindly provided an interpretive sign.

Cornish Hill was heavily mined for gold from 1852 to the 1950s. The miners excavated shafts going down as much as 500 metres with side shafts following the quartz reefs.

Adjacent to the lookout is Bonnard’s mine.  Rock and gravel waste from the mine created the hill which provides a base for the lookout.

In 1994/95 parts of the 100 acres of Crown land were being considered for sale. A group of locals lobbied to keep it in public ownership. Consequently, the State appointed a Crown Land Committee of Management. A Friends of Cornish Hill group of volunteers was also formed.

The Volunteers have done an amazing effort over the years to reduce invasive weeds and plant native vegetation.

There are numerous walking tacks around Cornish Hill. A brochure highlighting the walking tracks is available from the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre. Drive or walk up Orford Street and have a good look at the views and Cornish Hill.

If you would like to assist the Friends see their website or contact Scott MacLean on 0419 504 588.

If you would like to know more about Daylesford Rotary and the many community projects we are involved in contact Terri Oprean, President, Daylesford Rotary or visit the Daylesford Rotary website. We work in partnership with many local groups such as the Men’s Shed and Club 30 as well as Council.

Terri Oprean is the President of Daylesford Rotary.

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