A planning application has been lodged with Hepburn Shire Council to develop the St Andrew’s Church site at 19A Camp Street, Daylesford, for luxury short stay accommodation.

The historic Presbyterian church is on the high side of Camp street with commanding views to the west. It was built in approximately 1900.

The applicant has applied to develop 12 units on the site for Group accommodation, consisting of 2 units within the existing church structure and 10 units and car parking over 3 levels at the at the rear of the church structure.

The application outlines its view that the development should be characterised as Group accommodation and highlights that “If the proposed use is characterised as Group accommodation, rather than Motel or other form of Residential building, the development does not need to satisfy the requirements of clause 55 of the Planning Scheme and is not subject to the garden area requirements or maximum building height provisions in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ).”

Elevations and site sections indicate an imposing structure with the height of the rear dwellings exceeding 10.5 metres.

Elevations for St Andrew’s proposal – North view.

St Andrew’s proposal elevations – west view.

An application PLN22/0401 has been advertised and can be viewed on the Hepburn Shire Council site. Submission in support or objections can be
lodged with Council with a closing date of 29 June.